Time Wasted On Destiny App

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** The app will be down until Bungie releases the API for Destiny 2. Player not found and could not connect to Destiny servers will be the errors when doing a search until then.**

Lookup your profile on Xbox Live or Playstation to find out how much time you’ve been playing Destiny.

# Features
– See your time played per characters
– See your time wasted on deleted characters
– View your rank based on other looked up players
– Compare yourself with other members of your clans
– Display your profiles on both consoles (if linked and public)
– Share your time played on social media


Why am I no longer able to see my time?
Bungie’s API does not support legacy consoles anymore.

Do I have to add deleted time to the total time?
The total time includes time spent on deleted characters.

This is only about half my time on another website!
The time displayed does not include idle time spent in the Tower, Reef, or waiting in orbit.

My username does not work!!!
If your username does not work, please submit a bug.

Am I ranked against every player in the world?
No, you are only ranked against every player whose name has been entered on this website.

# Disclaimer
Wasted on Destiny is not affiliated with Bungie. Destiny is a registered trademark of Bungie.

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