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Description: The Sdarot website was established in January 2011 to allow users from Israel and abroad to view the series with a translation in Hebrew
, and the site is intended for non-profit
users. until now, the site offers viewing hundreds of series and thousands of episodes free!
we adhere to the aim we have set ourselves – turning TV shows accessible to all strata of the population, without requiring payment of huge corporations TV.
operation site is made purely voluntary and free of charge, by website users themselves.
all A surfer can add episodes and series at the click of a button, thus contributing to the development of the site and helping to All the
profits from advertising on the site are dedicated to covering the maintenance costs, and sometimes the operators of the site also transfer money from their own pockets for the maintenance and operation of the site.
Every day we receive dozens of emails and Facebook requests from various surfers on the site and make sure to respond to every request.
Since the needs of surfers are always at the top of our priorities, we make every effort to improve the site and adapt it to the needs of all surfers.
The site maintains frequent maintenance and updates in order to upgrade the surfing experience and view the content.
Recently, a number of organizations have been established, such as ZERA, which are funded by the television
companies, and they are trying hard to close the site so that they will continue to be captives of the television companies
and thus harm us and our struggle to provide you with free content
, invite you to join our Facebook page and share with us your browsing experience on the site.
team series.
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