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The most beautiful backgrounds of Christian Jesus!!!
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Chritianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and oral teachings of saint Jesus Christ as presented in the New Testament, not quran. Jesus had many religion quotes about the bible, divine god from heaven and even devil satan from hell. The Jesus calling says believe in god or quran, don’t go to hell or Islam, instead go to paradise religion quotes of heaven culture. Christianity is the world’s saint largest religion, with approximately 2.2 billion Christians god culture believers, known as Christians. Most saint calling Christians believe that crucified Jesus is the Son of God, fully islam bible divine and fully Quran bible Islam human quotes, and the savior of humanity prophesied in the heaven Old Islam calling bible or quran quotes Testament. Christians refer to Jesus as Christ or Messiah calling. The calling from god quotes to the divine heaven not to devil satan quran or hell. Divine angels are not for devil or satan. Devine angels serve Islam. Heaven and Hell are the afterlife options
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